Three Reasons the Holidays May Be Giving You a Headache

Before you blame the eggnog and Post-Election Stress Disorder (okay, it’s not a real disorder, we made it up), consider how myofascial trigger points might be the real pain in your neck (and head). A trigger point (or TrP) is a taut band of tissue that generates a specific pain referral pattern, and trigger points […]

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Acupuncture & Manual Therapy: How They Go Together

You may have heard of acupuncture and the benefits the therapy brings to aching backs and other afflictions of the musculoskeletal system. These days, though, this treatment is no longer just a complimentary therapy steeped in Eastern mystery but a scientific and evidence-based method of treatment that is used to correct pain conditions, particularly if […]

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Mar, 2016



Announcing the Launch of the Mark Thompson Acutherapy Website & Blog

Get Back to Doing What You Love New York City! Mark Thompson Acutherapy is pleased to announce the launch of our new website and blog this week. Lead by Dr. Mark Thompson, L.Ac., DPT, we offer a focused, dedicated treatment called Acutherapy that combines the best of evidence-based proven techniques and therapies combining acupuncture, manual […]

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