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Getting You Back To Doing What You Love

We are here for people with passions, for people who want to go and do, for people for whom activity is an important part of their lives.  Whether you want to run a 5K with your colleagues, get in 18 holes with your club foursome, train for the swimming leg of the next triathlon, play the guitar without pain or just looking to horse around with your kids, we are here to help you get back to doing what you love.

Healing with Acutherapy is a collaborative process.  Its greatest successes will be with those who understand that the best healing takes work and effort by everyone involved.  The Mark Thompson Approach to Acutherapy will give you what you need to conquer what ails you, and together we will overcome what is holding you back from living the active, fulfilling life you want.

So for the 10Kers, the weighlifters, the athletes, the marathoners, the skiers, the climbers, the bikers, the summer leaguers, the musicians, the artists, the Moms and Dads, and everyone else who wants to live a healthy, active life, you are our patients, you are who we are advancing Acutherapy for, and you are who we are working to benefit.

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