Success Stories

I first met Mark Thompson during the summer of 2007 when I was suffering from severe sciatic pain due to a herniated disc in my lower back. I had been through several months of physical therapy and received the maximum number of cortisone shots. The only next step was surgery to attempt to repair the disc. As I was preparing to "go under the knife" I was introduced to Mark.

After my first few appointments, I was able to walk, sit and stand comfortably for the first time in months. I continued to visit Mark and, through physical therapy and weekly acupuncture treatments, was able to avoid surgery completely.

I now enjoy participating in all of my favorite athletic endeavors including golf, tennis, cycling, squash, ice hockey and even ran in a 200 mile relay race (literally unthinkable only a year before). As an ex-contact sport Division I college athlete, I have other relatively significant lingering injuries, all of which Mark has been incredibly effective in treating.

I continue to visit Mark on a regular basis even when I don't have any particular ailment. He has had an absolutely critical influence over my physical and mental well-being over the past 9 years. I have sent well over a dozen of my friends and family members for treatment, all of whom rave about Mark. I recommend Mark without hesitation or qualification. Mark is truly a master of his craft, a rare find who has unquestionably changed my life for the better.

Jason D.

"I train 4-5 times a week, and have had my fair share of injuries – pulled adductor, pelvic floor syndrome, rotator cuff pain and let's not forget lower back! All of that and more had me seeing Mark over many years. I know my body well, and have been around the acupuncture block, and Mark is a staple in my regimen. He knows exactly what to do, gets in there, and doesn't give up until you both feel he got the main issue. Zero pain with the needles. His trigger point release is deep and rewarding. If you're in pain and thinking, "Should I see this guy from reading a testimonial?" the answer is yes! You will leave all the better for going. He's also a physical therapist, and the combo is perfect for active gym folks like me. Not to mention he's great to be around as a person, too. Whenever something is up in my body, I know Mark will fix it."

Roger M.

"My first meeting with Mark was to treat an inflamed elbow that put me out of work for several weeks. I had tried rest and physical therapy without success. Mark immediately came across as a very knowledgeable person and made me feel very confident that he could help me. I was happily surprised to be back on the court in only a few days and feeling as good as new. I have since been sending all my clients to Mark and they have had similar success with his work. I highly recommend his services."

Robert J.

"As a weightlifter and runner who also sits at a computer all day long, mobility and recovery are key to being able to continue my athletic pursuits. I was lucky enough to find Mark Thompson several years ago, and he has helped me keep my muscles moving properly and feeling great. His dry needling and acupuncture techniques are thoughtful and precise - even when I am not sure where my muscles are restricted or tight, he always finds the right muscles to work on, and I leave with my trigger points released and my range of motion increased. He has helped me through a range of more serious issues (dealing with muscle-imbalances from post-ACL surgery) to general maintenance (sessions to target muscles that are just starting to feel the wear and tear of my workouts) He has been a tremendous help in improving my awareness of what instabilities, weaknesses or tightnesses are creating problems in my movements. Even more impressive, he has an extensive knowledge of how the human body moves and works outside of acupuncture. He constantly introduces me to new techniques, products, and research articles that are relevant to the work we do together. I could not recommend someone more highly to people who are looking for an acupuncturist to help bring their workouts to the next level!"

Marissa T.

"As a yoga teacher, an avid runner, and all around exercise enthusiast, I am no stranger to athletic injuries. In 2010 I found myself sidelined by a herniated disc accompanied by sciatic nerve pain. A friend referred me to Mark Thompson Acupuncture. She raved about Mark, but I was skeptical. I had tried other acupuncturists in my search for healing to no avail. Much to my surprise, Mark was able to immediately make a major difference in my pain, and in my movement quality. The unique combination of Mark’s background in physical therapy coupled with his expertise in acupuncture allowed him to address other imbalances in my musculoskeletal system that might have added to my injury, and that had been neglected by my doctor and previous physical therapist. I was able to make full recovery and return to my activities. Additionally, I have always suffered from chronic migraines. Mark has also helped me manage that condition. Finding Mark has been a game-changer in reducing my injuries, and in keeping me pain-free. There is simply no way I could maintain my active lifestyle without the help of Mark Thompson and the staff at Mark Thompson Acupuncture."

Jena B.

"Mark has been the key to my postpartum recovery and I highly recommend him for those looking for specialized care after having a baby. Mark is an excellent diagnostician and quickly determined the right treatment plan for post C-section complications and chronic SI joint pain that resulted from the pregnancy. He incorporated his knowledge of acupuncture, physical therapy and massage therapy to treat my issues holistically and provided instructions for at-home exercises to strengthen my core and improve my posture. I am thankful for Mark’s skillful treatment and have gone from being unable to push a stroller or lift my baby to being back on track!"

Jaime S.

"I’ve been a client of Mark Thompson Acupuncture & Physical Therapy since 2008 and can’t say enough about the amazing results and effects of their work I’ve been fortunate to receive over the years! My body has been through a lot of wear and tear, having been a professional dancer most of my youth. The way Mark and Jeff practice acupuncture has been incredibly healing and has allowed me to thrive in my career as a fitness professional in my adult years. Their knowledge, coupled with intuitiveness and professionalism, is what makes them stand out amongst the many options out there.
When I was pregnant with twins, Mark helped relieve me of not only the many physical discomforts that come with pregnancy, but also the mental stress one can encounter during pregnancy. Over the past 2 years, Jeff has cured everything I’ve brought to him-from a Ganglion Cyst to a pulled hamstring. They are true healers and the absolute best in their field!"

Tanya B.