The Mark Thompson Approach

the mark thompson approach

What Is The Mark Thompson Approach To Acutherapy?

The Mark Thompson Approach reflects our particular view of assessing and treating musculoskeletal complaints based on 30+ years of study and clinical experience. It’s the combination of having studied physical therapy, various manual therapies, traditional Chinese medicine, many types of acupuncture, and Chinese herbal therapy, plus having spent countless hours treating thousands of patients through the years.

There are four core pillars of the Mark Thompson Approach to Acutherapy:

Managed together, these elements represent an integrated philosophy for patient treatment to provide effective and efficient relief to musculoskeletal and myofascial pain. Developed over more than 30 years of clinical study and direct patient experience, the Mark Thompson Approach is an advancement in providing fast, effective and reliable relief from muscle and joint pain throughout all parts of the body.