Evidence-based Care

evidence based care

What Is Meant By Evidence-Based Care?

An evidence-based approach to care refers to a course of treatment backed by the latest, most current data as presented in high quality clinical studies, recent case studies, academic discussions and technological advances. These are studies published in reputable journals in multiple fields encompassing pain, rheumatology, orthopedic/sports, manual therapy, anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, and physical medicine/rehabilitation.

We use this information to guide our evaluation and treatment philosophy. Over the past 10 years major gains have been made in our understanding of the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of many treatment methods used to address musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. This information helps us understand the best combination of treatment modalities to rehabilitate your specific injury.

  • When is manual therapy appropriate?
  • What kind of exercise and how much should be used in order to return to full sporting activity after injury?
  • When is strengthening contraindicated?
  • How do we address the central nervous system components when dealing with chronic pain?
  • Are structure, range of motion, flexibility and strength more important than functional abilities such as balance, proprioception and motor control?
  • How does one determine what kind of exercise is appropriate for you at your present point in life?

These are a just few of the questions that can accurately be answered through looking at evidence on hand. Our evidence-based process also helps us guide you through the confusing and sometimes overwhelming maze of treatment options. Whether it be extracorporeal shock wave therapy, ultrasound guided trigger point needling, trigger point acupuncture or any number of other treatments or combination thereof, we base our assessment and approach to healing on sound science for maximum proven effectiveness.

Is Evidence Enough?

Evidence, while a critical component to guiding our choices in your care, is not the only component in determining treatment. Acutherapy combines the clinical and personal experience along with the vast knowledge of our practitioners as an invaluable pieces of your healing process.

We take into account how patients with similar conditions have responded in the past as well as what the present needs of the patient is to ultimately determine how a treatment will proceed.

Evidence is the science component. The process of how a treatment is provided is the art. We incorporate, along with evidence-backed processes, our intelligence, life experience, intuition and of course, our hands to sense, respond, adapt and adjust to the present state and needs of each patient we treat. We never lose sight of the person in front of us who has entrusted us with their care.