Science-based Methods

Science Based treatment New York City

Acutherapy and the Scientific Method

The use of science-based methods in our practice ensures that your care is guided by evidence gathered in quality studies. We use methods that have consistently been proven effective in clinical trials.

The scientific method has evolved, over many centuries, to ensure that scientists make meaningful discoveries founded upon logic and reason rather than emotion. Science is based purely around observation and measurement, and the vast majority of research involves some type of practical experimentation.

Health care providers sometimes use techniques that are only supported by anecdotal evidence. These include many “alternative medicine” procedures ranging from applied kinesiology to various “energy therapies” that do not have evidence to support their use. Almost everyone has heard of someone who was “cured” or at least helped by one of these unproven approaches. How could one of these “unscientific” techniques help one person and not another? One reason is that when a person strongly believes that a procedure will help, it may well do so. This is called the placebo effect. “Experts also say that there is a relationship between how strongly a person expects to have results and whether or not results occur. The stronger the feeling, the more likely it is that a person will experience positive effects. There may be a profound effect due to the interaction between a patient and health care provider.

The same appears to be true for negative effects. If people expect to have side effects such as headaches, nausea, or drowsiness, there is a greater chance of those reactions happening.

At Mark Thompson Acutherapy our methods are based on sound science. We’ve studied the science upon which the disciplines of acupuncture, manual therapy and corrective exercise are based. While the care we give is highly individualized and custom to every situation, the treatments we provide are soundly grounded in scientifically verifiable methodologies making Acutherapy highly effective, reliable and consistent.

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