What We Treat

what we treat

Musculoskeletal Pain and Its Many Causes

We treat musculoskeletal pain, which is pain that affects the muscles, ligaments and tendons, and bones. The causes of musculoskeletal pain are varied. Muscle tissue can be damaged with the wear and tear of daily activities, and pain can be caused by trauma to an area (accidents, falls, fractures, sprains, blows), as well as bad posture, repetitive movements, overuse, and prolonged immobilization. Changes in posture or poor body mechanics may bring about spinal alignment problems along with muscle shortening, which causes other muscles to over-compensate or be misused resulting in pain.

What Are the Symptoms of Musculoskeletal Pain?

People with musculoskeletal pain sometimes complain that their entire bodies ache. Their muscles may feel like they have been pulled or overworked. Sometimes, the muscles twitch or burn. Symptoms vary from person to person, but the common symptoms are:

  • Pain at rest or with specific activity
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep disturbed by pain


What We Treat

Back Pain
We treat muscle aches, back pain that gets worse while bending or stretching, shooting or stabbing localized pain caused by a “herniated” disc, the “shooting down the leg” pain of sciatica, painful symptoms of scoliosis, limited flexibility or range of back motion, persistent stiffness or aching back caused by osteoarthritis, muscle spasms in the lower back, and back pain caused by overuse/overtraining or repetitive tasks. While we cannot “cure” many of these conditions, we can help relieve the symptoms. Most cases of muscle spasms and pain caused by overuse/overtraining/repetitive tasks can be alleviated in one or a few visits.

Neck Pain
We can release pain in the neck that is caused by exertion, sports trauma including accidents, neck pain caused by repetitive movement, bad posture or sleeping positions, pain caused by stretching or twisting the neck, and again, the pain from herniated disc in the cervical spine. We do not claim to cure the underlying diseases or replace necessary operations due to trauma, accidents, or herniation, but we can help relieve the painful symptoms of neck injury and provide post-surgery treatment to get the neck as pain-free as possible.

Knee Pain
Most people have had a minor knee problem at one time or another. Knee problems and injuries often occur during sports or recreational activities, work-related tasks, or home projects. Acute pain may be caused direct injuries or from abnormal twisting, bending, or falling on the knee. Many knee problems in active athletes can be attributed to overtraining/overuse injuries or pain from repetitive tasks. Chronic pain is associated with wear and tear that builds up over the years.

Shoulder Pain
We can help relieve muscle strain, abnormal or unstable shoulders, trauma caused by accident or repetitive motions, pain from sports, pain that follows a shoulder break or dislocation, pain from arthritis, pain from inflammation of the tendons, bursitis, strains, tendonitis, pinched nerves, “frozen shoulder,” and rotator cuff pain. If a person requires surgery, we do not claim to replace a needed surgical repair, but most often after surgery, Acutherapy and exercise is a must to get back to an active life.

Elbow Pain
One of the most common places where people suffer pain is the elbow or parts of it including the tendons, ligaments, muscles, and bones often get injured in contact sports and high-speed sports. Overtraining/overuse (including tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow) and repetitive tasks, such as carpal tunnel syndrome are also types of elbow pain. Elbow breaks and dislocations must be set or handled by doctors, but after this kind of trauma, patients always need proper therapy to heal.

Muscle and Joint Pain
Most people know when a muscle is “pulled” or hurt, because muscles are subject to sprains and strains. Muscles may also cause pain due to overtraining/overuse. Joint pain may be caused by the same things that cause muscle pain, but also by arthritis, bursitis, gout, and other chronic conditions. We do not claim to cure chronic conditions, but we can help relieve the pain.

We also treat the pain caused by repetitive tasks, whether from sports, work, or hobbies, as well as chronic pain conditions and all musculoskeletal complaints.

Get Back to Doing What You Love

How can you get your life back as soon as possible? Dr. Mark Thompson, LAc, DPT, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Licensed Acupuncturist. With over 30 years of practice, he has developed a focused, dedicated treatment called Acutherapy that combines the best of scientifically proven therapies along with personally tailored treatment and individualized exercise to help heal your pain and recover faster from injury.

The skilled practitioners at Mark Thompson Acutherapy have treated thousands of patients successfully, and their goal is to help you get rid of your pain and heal quickly and effectively. Treatments are usually a combination of modalities and consist of an hour of one on one care. If you are looking for someone who can treat you as a unique human being, who wants to help you get on with your life and lifestyle, you are looking in the right place at Mark Thompson Acutherapy. Pain relief is a phone call away at 212 974-7240, or request an appointment now.