Elbow Pain

elbow pain

The elbow is the joint where three long bones meet in the middle portion of the arm. The bone of the upper arm (humerus) meets the inner bone of the forearm (ulna) and the outer bone of the forearm (radius) to form a hinge joint. The radius and ulna also meet in the elbow to allow for forearm rotation. The elbow moves the arm like a hinge and allows for twisting, while biceps and triceps flex and extend. Tendons and bursae (the fluid-filled sacs that absorb blows) are often subject to inflammation and other conditions.

Types of Acute Elbow Injuries and Symptoms

Injuries are the most common cause of elbow pain. Most sports elbow injuries are the result of accidental falls, which are common in contact sports such as wrestling, football, soccer, and in high-speed sports including biking, in-line skating, skiing, hockey, snowboarding, or skateboarding. Severe pain is often followed by swelling. Many elbow problems, ranging from the athletic field to the office can be attributed to overtraining/overuse injuries, including tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, or pain from repetitive tasks like cubital tunnel syndrome. Acute elbow injuries include:

  • Injuries to elbow ligaments (sprains)
  • Injuries to elbow tendons
  • Injuries to the elbow joint
  • Pulled muscles of the elbow (strains)
  • Muscle tears or ruptures around the elbow
  • Broken (fracture) bones of the elbow (humerus, ulna, or radius)
  • Dislocation of the elbow

Symptoms of Elbow Pain

While there are many different types and causes of elbow pain, it’s important to find the exact cause. It may be an obvious injury, or elbow pain might be a symptom of overtraining/overuse injuries or pain from repetitive tasks. Some signs that you should be seen by a doctor include:

  • Inability to carry objects or use the arm
  • Injury that causes deformity of the joint
  • Elbow pain that occurs at night or while resting
  • Elbow pain that persists without improvement
  • Inability to straighten or bend the arm
  • Swelling or significant bruising around the elbow

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